Daughter of world famous Wondere Dirk and top breeding hen herself.

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Antonia is a pigeon that stands out in our loft. She is a daughter of Wondere Dirk of Anton Ruitenberg (Zwolle, NL) and has totally no (extreme) long distance in her pedigree. She was bought at the total sale of Mario Linsen, a local long distance fancier. The main reason for this purchase was the fact that she was sold at only a fraction of the prices that were paid for other children of Wondere Dirk at that time. I decided to cross her with our Polleke line, in the hope to breed some pigeons for the faster (extreme) long distance races. We have already had a lot of success with here descendants. They win early prizes from middle distance up to extreme long distance.

Breeding references

  • 4th prov. Agen ’17 622 p.
  • 5th prov. Aurillac ’20 265 p.
  • 8th prov. Brive ’20 411 p.
  • 9th prov. Limoges ’19 628 p.
  • 11th prov. Souillac ’19 422 p.
  • 22nd prov. Sens ’19 8,686 p.
  • 60th prov. Sens ’19 8,686 p.
  • 82nd nat. Aurillac ’20 3004 p.
  • 97th nat. Agen ’17 5335 p.