Top racing daughter of base breeder Polleke.

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  • Bred by:
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  • Father: Polleke
  • Mother: Antonia


Agen 2017, our debut on the extreme long distance races! After 8 days in the basket, the pigeons were released on Tuesday for a heavy flight with mainly east wind on the flight line. Marie, a daughter of Polleke, arrived just before 9 o’clock in the evening and won 4th provincial in the yearling category. The first pigeon ever I could clock on the extreme long distance was immediately a very early one. An amazing start! The most special thing about this achievement is that Marie was a very late youngster of 2016 (born September - October). So she was barely 9 to 10 months old at the time of the flight. Marie was the only one of the 2017 racing team that wasn’t rehomed to the new lofts and went immediately to the breeding loft.

Racing result

4de prov. Agen ’17 622 d.
97ste nat. Agen ’17 5335 d.