Grandson Polleke 120

Amazing one day long distance racer. 3 times top 11 provincial.

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  • Father: Jonas
  • Mother: Antonia

Grandson Polleke 120

One of our best racing cocks. As a yearling, he immediately won 9th provincial Limoges and 11th provincial Souillac. Because of these results, I decided to keep racing him on the one day long distance races. In 2020 he was basketed 4 times, of which he won 3 prizes. The 8th provincial Brive was his best result. On 6 races he won 5 times a prize of which 3 times in the first 11 provincial.

Racing result

8th prov. Brive ’20 411 p.
9th prov. Limoges ’19 628 p.
11th prov. Souillac ’19 422 p.