First prize winner, direct from Polleke.

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  • Bred by:
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  • Father: Polleke
  • Mother: Antonia


This cock is quite a special pigeon. Born from Polleke paired to Antonia, a coupling of extreme long distance (Polleke) with middle distance (Antonia). The pigeons from Antonia have one important characteristic, which is the fact that they always come straight out of the correct direction. Kamikaze was the exponent of this. In the preparatory races (sprint and middle distance), he often came some minutes before all of our other pigeons. He owes his name to his performance on Sens 2019, a 370 km race that was flown under stormy conditions. He came like a rocket and needed a few laps in the air to slow down. After this, he also lost some time on the loft before entering. Eventually, he was clocked at a speed of 2,118 meters per minute, winning 22nd provincial against 8,686 pigeons. Unfortunately, a spot on the podium was lost because he wasted approximately 3 minutes after arrival, but that is also pigeon sport.

Racing result

22nd prov. Sens ’19 8686 p.