Pau 2021

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18 pigeons are on their way for the first international race of 2021. The team consists of 9 cocks and 9 hens. The weather conditions for the end of this week do not look great. Hopefully it will become a nice race!


Pau has not turned out to be what we had hoped for. With our better old birds in the race, 5 prizes (per four) on the provincial result is simply not enough. 9 are classified nationally, but that is mainly due to the very rough course on the west side. Our first pigeon, a son of Kilo, arrived at 8.40 pm, good for a prize around the 100th national. This cock was also our first yearling from Narbonne last year. After that, 3 more pigeons were clocked in the evening. Despite the beautiful weather the next morning, the pigeons came very irregularly. The difficult weather conditions on Friday, with a closed cloud cover (with the occasional drizzle) over half the flight line, may have ensured that a large part of the pigeons were still far from home in the evening. In the end 14 out of 18 pigeons were back on Saturday evening, but unfortunately a couple of promising birds are still missing.



Ring number
Arrival time
1BE5104702 - 19 Son Kilo 702 M25/06/2021 20:40:261150.54 mpm
2BE5116085 - 18Grandson Polleke 085M25/06/2021 20:59:351123.82 mpm
3BE5116110 - 18Son Louis 110M25/06/2021 21:30:141083.54 mpm
4BE5116168 - 18168 - 18M25/06/2021 22:00:451046.21 mpm
5BE5116079 - 18 Granddaughter Polleke 079 F26/06/2021 07:02:51868.6132 mpm
6BE5109233 - 17233 - 17F26/06/2021 09:16:007.2739 mpm
7BE5104679 - 19Son Julio 679M26/06/2021 11:36:599.4838 mpm
8BE5104677 - 19Granddaughter Polleke 677F26/06/2021 11:42:479.5426 mpm
9BE5116160 - 18Hen direct Nouwen - PaesenF26/06/2021 12:24:1010.3549 mpm