Sint Vincent 2020

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1 cock and 3 hens, all raced on widowhood amongst the late breds, are in the race from Sint Vincent. The 3 hens are debutants on the international races. The cock won last year a prize in the first 10% on Narbonne.


What an incredibly hard race this Sint Vincent has been for the pigeons in our province. None of them was able to reach its loft in the evening. The next morning the pigeons arrived very slowly. We had to wait until half past one in the afternoon for a daughter of Louis to arrive. This hen wins still a prize in the second half of the result.


  • Local (42 p.): 8 (1/4)
  • Provincial (338 p.): 69 (1/4)
  • International hens (1337 p.): 303 (1/3)


Ring number
Arrival time
1BE5116150 - 18Daughter Louis 150F01/08/2020 13:32:36115619.6 mpm