Agen 2021

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32 pigeons are basketed for the international Agen race. The team consists of 12 old birds and 20 yearlings, which are all debutants on the extreme long distance. Hopefully, some of them can surprise us!


Agen has become a nice flight for us! The first pigeon in Limburg was reported at the shortest distance around 6.50 pm. We had just seen this, when we saw a pigeon coming from the southeast. Then you know it's a very early one! This yearling cock finally beats all 1223 Limburg pigeons with a lead of more than 20 minutes. A very impressive performance! Nationally he wins 8th and internationally 10th. Personally, I think it is the best individual performance of a pigeon in our loft so far. The top 10 is generally western, while we live in the north east of Belgium! The cock was received from Koen de Backer (Hoevenen, BE) through an exchange. It is a grandson of his base breedster. After Koen's arrival, it took more than an hour for the next pigeon to arrive. 2 yearling cocks were clocked shortly after each other and still win 5 and 6 provincial. eventually 9 of the 20 yearlings will be on the results and the cocks have done well. The result with the old birds was not so good.



Ring number
Arrival time
1BE6161468 - 20KoenM02/07/2020 18:59:351222.735 mpm
2BE5064130 - 20Grandson Polleke 130M02/07/2020 20:08:361115.7255 mpm
3BE5064149 - 20Grandson Polleke 149M02/07/2020 20:13:081109.3484 mpm
4BE5064121 - 20Daughter Raquel 121F02/07/2020 21:41:46997.8407 mpm
5BE5064139 - 20Son Kiana 139M02/07/2020 21:44:26994.8322 mpm
6BE5109730 - 19Son Marie 130M03/07/2020 07:26:136.1123 mpm
7BE5064135 - 20Grandson Polleke 135M03/07/2020 07:35:006.201 mpm
8BE5064148 - 20Grandson Polleke 148M03/07/2020 07:46:396.3149 mpm
9BE5064140 - 20Granddaughter Polleke 140F03/07/2020 07:51:156.3625 mpm
10BE5104721 - 19Daughter Kiana 721F03/07/2020 07:59:336.4443 mpm
11BE5104783 - 19783 - 19F03/07/2020 08:15:307.004 mpm
12BE5064159 - 20Son Rose 159M03/07/2020 08:24:487.0958 mpm
13BE5104760 - 19Granddaughter Polleke 760F03/07/2020 08:31:007.161 mpm
14BE5064118 - 20Grandson Polleke 118M03/07/2020 08:46:147.3124 mpm