Granddaughter Polleke 104

Winner of 2nd prov. Agen and 5th prov. Narbonne. Sister Gloria.

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  • Father: Julio
  • Mother: Jana

Granddaughter Polleke 104

This beautiful blue hen is one our best racing hens. On the very heavy edition of Agen in 2019 she won, as yearling, 2nd provincial and 26th national. Provincially, she was the second fastest of 1,013 pigeons, only beaten by a super yearling that was more than 2 hours ahead. After this performance, she wasn’t raced anymore in that season. In 2020 she was only basketed for Narbonne, where she came home hurt, but still managed to win 5th provincial (after 3 loft mates).

Racing result

2nd prov. Agen ’19 550 p. (2nd fastest 1013 p.)
26th nat. Agen ’19 4650 p.
5th prov. Narbonne ’20 435 p.